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Terms and Conditions


Booking and Delivery Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions refer to all reservations made on the SIA Ungurmalas website. The terms and conditions are updated and supplemented on regular basis.



When the services needed are selected and all the information necessary is indicated, please, click on the "Add to basket". Basket contents may be viewed at any time by clicking on the basket symbol on the left upper corner. The basket contents will show all the services chosen and the price thereof. When the services are chosen, click on the "See basket" and proceed with the payment procedure. By making the payment, guest testifies that has studied the description of the service selected and it meets guest requirements and needs.


Pricing and Payment

By booking rooms and services on the website, guest agrees with the price of the service selected and payment procedure. Prices of the services are indicated with taxes, including Value Added Tax. When all the information regarding purchase of the service is indicated, guest is offered to pay with a credit card or via Internet bank. When entering credit card, debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) or other required data and confirming payment, the order amount is automatically reserved. All payments made on the SIA Ungurmalas online store are safe, and full protection of the payer's data  is guaranteed.


Booking Approval

When SIA Ungurmalas receives bank confirmation of the payment, an order confirmation is sent to the guest e-mail address. The confirmation includes the following information:


client name and surname/ company name;

seller contacts;

description and price of the service (price in EUR + VAT);

total order amount;

type of payment;

date of the purchase.


Booking and Cancellation Policy

Booking is only guaranteed if prepayment is made, credit card details are provided or by mutual agreement. Guaranteed booking can be cancelled 72 hours/ three days before the booked date of arrival by contacting the sports and recreation complex "Ungurmalas" – calling the phone number +371 26482623 or writing to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In case of cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded.


Purchasing the Gift Card

In the section Gift Card, guests may purchase gift card of the sports and recreation complex "Ungurmalas". The card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and is activated immediately after the payment. Guests may choose suitable card value and the way of receipt – by regular mail or e-mail. By choosing to receive the card by mail, it will be delivered to the specified address within 2–3 business days. By choosing to receive the card by e-mail, it will be delivered within one business day and guests may print it out by themselves. After all the data required are entered, click on the "Add to basket". To make the payment, go to the basket by clicking on the basket icon on the left upper corner of the website. The gift card may be used to cover payment of any service offered by the sports and recreation complex "Ungurmalas". The gift card amount may be spent in several payments.


Website Terms of Use

The website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) is owned by the company SIA Ungurmalas (legal address: “Ezermalas”, Raiskuma pagasts, Cēsu novads, LV-4146). The website is designed to provide users with more information about the sports and recreation complex "Ungurmalas " and the services offered thereof, as well as option to purchase services offered by the complex online.

SIA Ungurmalas reserves the right to make changes to the Website Terms of Use at any time without prior notice. By using the Website, the user agrees to comply with the Terms of Use also after any changes made.

The Website users are forbidden to access closed sections of the Website by bypassing the security systems.

SIA Ungurmalas does not take responsibility for any direct or indirect loss to any of the parties involved resulting from the use of the information available or unavailable on the Website regardless it is complete or partially correct.

SIA Ungurmalas does not guarantee topicality of the information on the Website. To find out the most topical information, please, contact the SIA Ungurmalas.

All information on products as well as all images placed on the Website are illustrative. The products depicted and sets thereof may differ from the real ones.

All the information available on the Website is owned by the SIA Ungurmalas, and it may not be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the company. When using the Website content for non-commercial purposes, please, refer to the or “© 2018 SIA “Ungurmalas”.

SIA Ungurmalas takes no responsibility for the content of links posted on the Website leading to other Internet sites.

The data acquired by the SIA Ungurmalas and processed on the Website may be freely used for an unlimited period of time.

SIA Ungurmalas is allowed to use the information about the Website user for the following purposes:

to inform the user about the booking status;

to give the information requested by the user from the SIA Ungurmalas;

to contact the Website user by using the contacts provided;

to ensure that Website content is delivered to users as correctly and convenient as possible.

The company is allowed to collect information obtained from the Website user by completing the online electronic form envisaged for user questions and booking services. Any kind of user communication with the company SIA Ungurmalas, incl., e-mail correspondence, can be used for business purposes by respecting the confidentiality requirements.

SIA Ungurmalas is allowed to disclose user personal information within the enterprise subject to confidentiality and use it for internal administrative and other business purposes.

SIA Ungurmalas is allowed to disclose personal information provided by users to the third parties if:

it is necessary for business purposes (between the SIA Ungurmalas and third party) and such disclosure is made on request from the third party and is needed to conclude the deal;

in a business deal between SIA Ungurmalas and the third party personal data are included as a part of the transaction content;

SIA Ungurmalas is obliged to disclose personal data in order to fulfil a legal obligation or make a delivery, or comply with other type of contract;

 information is needed to a service provider – third party, to improve services offered by SIA Ungurmalas, ensure correct processing of payments and verification of the necessary information related thereof.


Only the third parties required to provide particular service are granted access to the Website user information. SIA Ungurmalas cooperates with the third parties by concluding an agreement on the data use terms and purposes.

To distinguish the users, cookies are used on the Website. It helps to ensure successful user experience on the Website and allows improving it.

When visiting the Website, the following information about the user is collected automatically: Internet Protocol (IP) address; browser type and version; operating system; time and date of the visit and activities performed during it.

Access to the Website content may be blocked by anyone who violates these Terms of Use.

Any disputes related to the Terms of Use of the Website shall be settled by mutual negotiations. If the parties fail to agree in negotiations, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

The Website is using cookies. Terms of use thereof comply with the regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia. The cookie file is stored on the user's computer and helps to use the website more conveniently. Cookies allow us to follow the activities performed by the Website user and improve the quality of visit. You may disable the use of cookies in the browser; however this may affect normal operation of the online store.



By using the Website, you agree with the use of cookies.


Privacy Policy


Data Manager

Pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, SIA Ungurmalas has drawn up Privacy Policy providing information on processing of personal data in the company. Data Manager: SIA Ungurmalas, unified registration No. 44103029227, legal address: “Ezermalas”, Raiskuma pagasts, Cēsu novads, LV-4146.


Scope of Application

The Policy applies to all personal data at the disposal of the company, i.e. any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data may include data from potential, existing and former employees, suppliers, customers, and partners. The most often personal data are: name, surname, personal identity number (if needed to draw up an agreement), address, telephone number, e-mail address, billing information and information on the services and products received, other information related to a natural person.

Privacy Policy is applied to provide privacy and protect personal data of natural persons – potential, existing and former customers, employees, suppliers; visitors of SIA Ungurmalas territory and premises (video surveillance); visitors of the Websites and social networks managed by the company.


How do we acquire personal data?

We may obtain personal data in one of the following ways:

when concluding mutual contract;

when concluding contract with a third person and it has indicated the person as a contact point;

when person submits an application, sends e-mail letter or calls;

when person makes purchase on the website;

when person visits website (using cookies);

in separate cases from databases managed by the third parties, e.g., when verifying rights of a person to represent commercial company (databases of, etc.).


Existing and Potential Employees

If person is seeking employment in our company, we process personal data to evaluate compliance of the applicant's skills with those required to fill in the position. We do that on the applicant's consent – the data are provided to us voluntary, and we ensure retention period appropriate for processing of such data. Personal data of our employees are processed to comply with the contract concluded as well as regulatory requirements, e.g., those of the Labour Law, Law on Taxes and Duties, and other legal requirements. We process the personal data based on the agreement signed and the resulting legal obligations. We ensure retention period appropriate for the processing of such data. Personal data of the former employees and information on them is stored in line with the regulatory enactments providing for obligation to maintain an archive.


Suppliers and Partners

We process the data of individuals representing our suppliers and business partners based on our legitimate interest in acquiring new partners and new markets, as well as to comply with the contracts concluded with specific contracting parties.



We process the data of the persons relevant to our potential, existing, and former customers.


Company Visitors

In accordance with health, safety and environmental standards and to protect our legitimate interests, our business secrets, employees, customers, and others, we may process personal data of our visitors by deploying video surveillance systems in our premises and territory. If such actions are performed, the visitors are notified. Video surveillance records shall be kept for a maximum of 60 days, unless this is necessary for the protection of our legal interests in judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.


Provision of Marketing Activities

For our marketing activities, we may send our visitors and users commercial notifications, ensure participation in our lotteries, and publish materials from our public events. For this purpose, we may need at least the following personal data: name, surname, telephone number, and e-mail address of the client and/or cooperation partner or contact person.

The purpose may be achieved with the following substantiation:

consent of the data subject (Article 6 (A) of the General Data Protection Regulation);

conclusion of and compliance with a contract with data subject (Article 6 (B) of the General Data Protection Regulation);

legitimate interests of the data manager (Article 6 (F) of the General Data Protection Regulation), for example for communication purposes.


Our clients have the right to refuse reception of our marketing messages. They can do this by responding to the notification or by informing the company employee contacting the client. It should be noted that even if client refuses to receive marketing messages, he/she can still receive administrative information such as notifications of outstanding invoices, information on changes in the cooperation agreement, information on changes to the regulatory enactments governing the fulfilment of obligations under the cooperation agreement, information on the contract breach or termination.


Data Protection

Personal data that become available to the company are processed in a safe way. We are striving to make sure that all ICT and IT systems created and integrated into the work processes ensure confidentiality. Access to the personal data is granted only to the persons that need the data to fulfil their work duties. Employees processing personal data in the company are trained and are bound by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as internal regulations of the company.

Personal data are not processed longer than necessary. We will not store personal data after the purpose for which the data were collected is reached. This means that the data will be destroyed or deleted from our systems when they are no longer required to fulfil the obligations.

We take appropriate steps to ensure that the processing and storage of personal information is based on the following logic:

period at least as long as the information is used to provide visitor with the service;

in accordance with the law, contract provisions, or our legal obligations;

only the time needed to achieve the purpose of data collection; or longer if required by the contract, applicable law, required by statistical purposes, or in accordance with binding company interest safeguards.

The company adheres to the principle of data minimization and guarantees that only the minimum amount of personal data required to provide the service or the product is collected.


Our Policy Don'ts

Personal data are not transferred for further processing outside the European Union and the European Economic Area. We do not use personal data for automated decision-making. We do not disclose to third parties the personal data we have at our disposal or any information obtained during the service provision or fulfilment of  the contract, except for the following: to persons specified in external regulatory enactments upon their reasoned request; in accordance with the procedures and in the amount specified in external regulatory enactments; in the cases specified in the external regulatory enactments to protect legitimate interests of SIA Ungurmalas, for example by addressing a court or other state institution against a person who has violated company's legitimate interests.


Client Rights

Clients have a right to request access to their personal data at our disposal, however before providing such information, we must verify identity of the person requesting such an access. Clients have the right to object processing of personal data, withdraw from consent, request deletion or correction of their personal data, as well as the right to data portability.

If client is willing to request access to his/her personal data, erase or correct them, oppose the processing thereof or exercise the right to data portability, he/she shall contact our data protection specialist (please, refer to the section "Contact Us").

Clients have the right to complain to the data protection authority regarding the processing or storage of the personal data.

If client requests deletion of the personal data, he/she confirms that will not use the services provided by the company and that the personal information will still be stored in the records and archives of the company in accordance with the requirements and terms specified in regulatory enactments. The information will not be used by the company for commercial purposes. Regardless the request for data deletion, the company reserves the right to store personal data or the binding part thereof in accordance with the company's legitimate interests and applicable law. Information requests are processed within one month since the receipt and approval thereof.



If you are browsing the web and do not want your personal data to be processed using our website cookie services, we recommend using private browsing mode of your browser. We only store and process personal data necessary to fulfil contractual obligations. The personal data are encrypted. SIA Ungurmalas does not have access to the client's internet bank and other payment data, as the user is redirected to the bank's protected page at the time of payment.


About Cookies

To ensure correct operation of the Website, data cookies are used. Cookie is a small file containing letters and numbers that is downloaded to a user's device (computer or phone) when visiting Website. Cookies are used to differentiate users. It helps SIA Ungurmalas to ensure successful user experience on Website visit and allows it improve it.


How Cookies are Used

Essential cookies help website to remember actions taken by the user and selected language settings. They are not stored on the user's device and disappear when the browser session is terminated.

Anonymous analytics cookies allow to list Website visitors and see what actions are performed and functions used while visiting the Website. Compilation of cookies allows SIA Ungurmalas to improve the Website and ensure that Website visit is as convenient as possible.

Functionality cookies allow to see when users return to Website, which allows SIA Ungurmalas to customize Website settings and content according to the needs of a particular user and Website customization options.

Advertising Cookies (Google AdWords cookie tracking) helps to promote the sports and leisure complex "Ungurmalas" on the Internet, displaying ads customized to the particular user the content whereof is based on the data about the actions performed and information viewed on the Website. These cookies indicate that the user has visited SIA Ungurmalas Website and the browser must display ads related to the


How to manage or opt out of cookies?

Cookies can be removed by activating the setting in a browser allowing to opt out of setting up all or some types of cookies on the user's device. It is important to note that the use of the browser settings blocking all cookies (including essentials) may prevent users from accessing some of the SIA Ungurmalas Website sections.


User Consent

By giving personal data to the company, user agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy.



If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by sending an e-mail letter to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or meeting us in person.


Where can I submit complain about personal data processing issues?


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data, please, at first contact us by visiting face-to-face or via e-mail. However, if you consider that we have not been able to resolve the problem and believe that we have violated your right to the protection of personal data, you have the right to file a complaint with the Data State Inspectorate. Samples of applications with the Data State Inspectorate and other related information can be found on the Data State Inspectorate website (



Do you have any questions and would like us to call you back?